Good People
Emily Barrett – Chicago-based ballet pianist, music director
Alice Klock – Polykunst whose visual work I’ve commissioned once or twice
John Leszczynski – Classmate (Composer) from Indiana U
Nathaniel May – Composer / Contemplator
Mike Przygoda – Composer, multi-instrumentalist, music director, producer
Dorian Wallace – Composer / Agitator
William C. White – Maestro totalis

     Good Organizations
ChiArts (The Chicago High School for the Arts)
Dance Now! Miami
Democracy Now!
Hubbard Street Dance Chicago and the Hubbard Street Professional Program
Interlochen Center for the Arts
The Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University
Joffrey Academy of Dance

Scratch Goods

     Good Diversions
The Perry Bible Fellowship
The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet