Music for Ballet Class

Album (available for Purchase): Music for Ballet Class

The audio below was recorded in situ, and many sounds were captured – instructors’ voices, instrument mechanisms, incidental sniffs and snorts from the pianist, foul unintended dissonances, lapses in metric surety, stuck keys – which are extraneous or detrimental to the music. I offer no assurance that these recordings are practicable accompaniment for an actual ballet class; they are intended more as “snapshots” constituting an archive at the disposal of the curious. Even so, they might be viable for studio use, depending on your preferences. Hence I authorize all so-inclined parties to reproduce and use this audio in any fashion consistent with a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

2018 April 18 (Hubbard Street Professional Program)
2018 April 13 (The Chicago High School for the Arts)